Printing Services


For customers seeking to print their work, a multitude of printing services are also offered to compliment lab services. Printing services can be classified as digital printing and darkroom printing. Customers are encouraged to select from an a la carte printing service with the peace of mind knowing all printing is performed with quality products resulting in high fidelity results.


Digital Printing

Digital printing services can be broken down into two categories

  • Fine art archival inkjet printing

  • Dye sublimation printing

Fine art archival inkjet printing is for those looking for museum-quality results with the highest level of color fidelity and archival properties. These injket prints are made using acid free archival papers from reputable brands such as Hahnemuhle and Canson.

Dye sublimation printing is an affordable printing process for those looking to print 4”x6” (or similarly sized) prints. This printing service allows customers to affordably print their work on glossy or matte 4”x6” sheets of paper.

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Darkroom Printing

Darkroom printing is also available for those looking a truly analog form of printing that nods to the history of the medium of photography. Darkroom printing services are also available (black and white as well as color RA-4). Customers are encouraged to contact for details as well as pricing.

Contact Printing

Many working photographers, especially those shooting on film, are faced with the challenge of selecting a small series of photographs from a large aggregate body of work. In response, proprietary hybrid contact printing is also available allowing photographers to visualize and select work more efficiently.